Have a bite of the future! Bilbao Maker Faire is back!


Maker Faire is the largest fair for creators and inventors around the world, a showcase for inventions, creativity and ingenuity for all, along with celebrating the Maker movement. It is a place for people to show their creations to the world and share their expertise with anyone who wants to learn.

Makers can be anyone, any age and from any background: technology fans, artisans, scientists or garage inventors. The Maker Faire aims to be fun, informative and connect the people of this community to drive its growth.


Espacio Open Bilbao, located since 2009 in Ribera de Deusto / Zorrotzaurre Island, in the Old Bilbao Cookie Factory (Artiach Factory), it works at the intersection of contemporary culture, technology and social issues. A meeting place between heritage and contemporary culture open to citizens, also throughout the year thanks to its Silo café and Secret Garden Bilbao. A team of 13 workers and more than 110.000 visitors per year.


We develop projects to promote critical thinking and research-action around technology and creative and cultural industries for public and private entities/organizations. At our facilities in Zorrotzaurre we organise the monthly meeting of young local producers of art, creation and design  Open Your Sormena (2nd Saturday of each month), the Open Your Ganbara circular and second-hand market (every Sunday), and the programming weekly from its Fab Lab Bilbao digital creation and culture center


The Espacio Open Digital Creation and Culture Center, Fab Lab Bilbao, a member of the Fab Lab Network of Center for Bits and Atoms del Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT-Boston)  aims to disseminate knowledge, tools and expertise of avant-garde technologies in all sectors of society. Its projects include the Egingura training program (monthly) to start in new techniques of digital creation and manufacturing, the Maker Ekintzaile Creation Residences of art and technology, to promote work from local and international makers and artists through open source tools, the project-based learning program for young people at risk of exclusion Breakers and the International Festival in creative technologies Maker Faire Bilbao..

We work on different scales, from local to international, trying to reconnect this jewel of industrial heritage, The Artiach Old Cookie Factory, with the world through the full operation of its internal “machinery”. Espacio Open is a member of some of the leading networks generated around contemporary maker, hacker, Fab Lab and DIY culture including:

  • Fab Labs Network of the Center for Bits and Atoms of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. Fab Lab Bilbao is within the global network.
  • Make Community, Global Producers Network. Maker Faire Bilbao organizers.
  • CREFAB, National Network for Digital Creation and Manufacturing. Founder and member of the Directors Board.
  • Burning Man. Regional contact for the Basque Country area.